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  Marble/Limestone- The town of Kitcharao alone has 179 hectares of high quality limestone and marble with mineral reserves of at least 23,370,000 cubic meters.




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Product Description

Abaca Fiber


Product Lines

Abaca fiber; Abaca fiber products (Gifts, Décor and House wares; abaca fiber to be delivered to abaca pulp processing plants)


Product History

The town identified abaca fiber as its OTOP product due to the following: 1) Stable market and continuous high demand of abaca products; 2) Presence of indigenous abaca in the areas (estimated to be at least 500 hectares); 3) Available funds earmarked for abaca production from foreign sources; 4) Large areas suitable and available for abaca production.





Abaca harvest is expected by 4th quarter 2006



At present from local buyer/s who delivers the product to abaca fiber consolidators in Butuan City.

Production volume of OTOP firms (Annual)


Estimated potential production volume is at 2,500 per month 

Industry Linkage


Abaca fiber is mainly processed as pulp which is exported to various countries with japan as its main buyer. Abaca fiber is also used as materials for gifts, house wares, and décors.

Potentials of OTOP


The town is targeting to tap/harvest the indigenous abaca on a sustainable basis. Likewise the municipality is intending to develop/expand at least 300 hectares area for abaca production in the next 3 years. This would substantially increase production, employment and sales.