Kitcharao (kit-sa-raw)  is a 3rd class municipality in the province

of Agusan del Norte, Philippines (CARAGA REGION*). According

to the August 1, 2007 census, it has a population of 21,426 people

in 7,934 households. Kitcharao is politically subdivided into

11 barangays.

1.   Bangayan -        996
2.   Canaway   -     1,200
3.   Crossing**    -   2,931
4.   Hinimbangan -   284
5.   Jaliobong -      1,344
6.   Mahayahay -    2,233
7.   Poblacion -      7,072
8.   San Isidro -      1,021
9.   San Roque -     1,780
10. Sangay -              807
11. Songkoy** -       1,752
 **Created into a barangay under Provincial Ordinance No. 155-2004; ratified on 
November 26, 2005; taken from barangay Poblacion.


 *The word Caraga originated from the Visayan word Kalagan: kalag meaning soul or people, and a meaning land. The Kalagans have a long history ofeing brave and fearless.
Thus, the region was called by early chroniclers as the "Land of the Brave and Fierce People". The "Kalagans", called "Caragans" by the Spaniards.


The Municipality of Kitcharao is strategically located in the northern part of Agusan del Norte, bordering the province of Surigao del Norte. It was created thru Republic Act No. 3842 last June 22, 1963. It has a total land area of 212.40 which is distributed among eleven barangays.
Kitcharao has a potential in agriculture industry , vast area of forest land and boasts its scenic view of the Lake Mainit.



Community-Based Resource Management Project

            A World Bank Assisted project which aims to alleviate poverty by providing livelihood projects and promoting environmental related interventions such as;

o       Agro-Forestry Projects

o       Micro-Watershed Development Projects

o       Tree Plantation Projects

o       Lake Grass Protection Projects.



December 2008